God's House is an incorporated (not-for-profit ministry) founded by Paster Richard Jones. Richard is an author and public speaker who travels and testifies of the phenomenally good things...

Richard has been involved in ministry for over twenty-six years. This includes the time that Richard left the ministry due to personal and moral failure. During this time, God worked a new work in Richard of deliverance and restoration. After a few years, it was evident that this was the ministry that God had planned for Richard the entire time. Richard came back to full time ministry when Joyce Meyer hired him in the summer of 2000. After working under their ministry for three and a half years Richard and his wife, Karen started their own ministry with the blessing of Dave and Joyce Meyer. Richard Jones Ministry was incorporated in February of 2004.


Public speaking - Richard travels across the country speaking in a variety of churches and denominations. He speaks mostly in church and conference settings. His unique style of teaching biblical principles and sharing his personal testimony deeply impacts the lives of those who hear him. In fact, all of the sermons available on our product page are live recordings from these meetings.

Street Ministry - We have conducted street ministry in the St. Louis area for several years. We have a large personal interaction with the street population of the St. Louis downtown area. This population includes homeless, prostitutes both male and female, the addicted, and afflicted. We currently conduct weekly outreaches in which a team of people visit with those living on the streets. As our team crawls through abandoned buildings and under bridges, we pass out sandwiches, beverage, or meet some other small need. Occasionally we take roses to pass out to the ladies who have not seen a kind gesture of respect for years, if ever. The ladies and men who are prostituting themselves on the street earn an average of $15.00 per sexual encounter in our city. You must realize since that figure is the average, which means some are selling themselves for $5.00 or $10.00. You can imagine the impact when we show up with a bologna sandwich, a hug, and a prayer. We make sure we look for them every week.

Addictive Deliverance - Richard also conducts ministry and teaches principles that redeem and restore those struggling in addictive bondage. Much of what Richard has learned in his walk away from sexual addiction and homosexuality has now become an asset in his ministry to others. Richard's books, "Broken Souls Restored" and soon-to-be-released "Restorative Properties" are powerfully impacting resources to the Christian community.

Restorative Mentoring - Richard and Karen both are deeply committed and involved in the restoration process of those who have had a major crisis in their faith or who have committed moral failings as Christian leaders. By nature of this type of ministry, the group of people they are involved with is small. It is not glamorous nor is it celebrated. It does not produce income or resource for this ministry. It is not popular and the public will never know the details of what Richard and Karen are doing in this area, but it is very much needed. There are not a lot of people doing this and Richard and Karen will always remember the days when they were in the same situation and found no one to help them like this. They had a small group who stood with them, but no one knew what to do. All they knew was that they loved Richard and Karen. Therefore, you see, Richard and Karen have to do this. When you support this ministry financially this is the type of thing you will never see yet you are helping to accomplish. Someday our supporters will stand before God and He will publicly thank them for what Richard and Karen do privately.