An Apology From Us

By Pastor Richard Jones


 Jesus told us that He came to
seek & save that  which was lost.  By His life, death, resurrection, ascension, & promise to return; Jesus put everything on the table that people need to find God.  In that process Jesus also designed the vehicle that would take all those things off the table & personally hand them out.  That vehicle is called “The Church”.  We’re suppose to be the people that have already found God, are finding more of Him, enjoying it with each other, & spending our lives handing it out to others.

I would like to apologize to you personally for any experience that you have encountered with anything called a “Church” that fell short of that.  We were never meant to be a group who pretended to serve God, while really serving ourselves at your expense.  We were never meant to be a private group that would exclude you based on doctrine, social status, race, or lifestyle.  We were never supposed to be those who were touched by God & then live as if we weren’t.  We have done this so often to the hurt of those we were
sent to help.

For your sake, please forgive us.  You see, Jesus Christ really is the only hope we have & God’s House is one of many local churches that are a distribution center of that hope.  After years of being a Christian I have accumulated a long list of victories, many failures, hurts, & healings.  I am sensitive to these issues.  My wife & I have stepped up to pastor God’s House as God has directed us.

Gods House is a local church that reaches up to God, in toward each other, & out to the world around us.  You can find Jesus among us.  If you already know Him then you can find a family to belong to.  If you have anything to offer we are constantly connected to people who are dying for it.  If you don’t know what you have to offer then come along with us.  We will do more than teach you about it, we will show you.